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Me… that’s my name up there in the URL… I create. I tinker. I design. I build. I’m flexible. I’m adaptable. I’m a jack of all trades. I’m a photographer. I’m an automotive hobbyist (and excellent at parallel parking).

I travel… 40 states, 11 countries, 3 continents… and counting.


Throughout my career I’ve worked in quite a few different settings… from ad agencies, to privately held companies, to startups, to technology, to secondary education. This diversity has helped to create a breadth of experience in numerous areas of design… from traditional print campaigns to catalogs and annual reports… to trade show exhibits and packaging… to SEO, UI/UX, web development, to web based campaigns… to the interior design of college campus buildings, and of course photography. Be confident that I can craft a perfect solution, no matter what you need.


Within minutes, I can pack clothing and camera gear into a carry-on to sustain me for any 4-day weekend… just tell me when.

Currently located in Chicago, able to travel/relocate just about anywhere.


Today. Tomorrow. Next Week.

But first we’ll have to figure out the scope of your project, and then we’ll know the timing.


It’s what I do, it’s a natural fit. I specialization in creative direction for projects small and large, product photoshoots, as well as capturing original images.


Welp, you’ll probably have to contact me… I mean… I’m good,
but not that good.

I’m available via email, text message, or even a good ole fashioned phone call.

I am experienced

I Have Over 15 Years of Experience in The Industry

I bring a diverse skill set to the table. My background spans from agency to client-side roles giving me a well-rounded perspective.

From integrated brand marketing, seamless omni-channel shopping experiences, digital UI and UX design, brand guidelines, package design, art direction, and creative direction in both traditional print collateral and digital experiences. I have successfully tackled various challenges, always striving for innovative solutions.

I collaborate cross-functionally with various segments of the business: the engineering team, the sales team, and the product development team, all while acting as the project manager for the creative department.

I handle all photography for companies, both B2B, and B2C.

I manage a team that handles websites, social media, catalogs, brand guidelines, and photography.

High Quality




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