Me, Bob, thats my name in the URL up there.
I create. I tinker. I design. I build. I'm flexible. I'm adaptable. I travel (40 states, 11 countries, 3 continents... and counting), 'jack of all trades' (master of a few). Photographer. Automotive hobbyist (and an excellent parallel parker). In less than 15 minutes, I can pack clothing and camera gear into a carry-on bag that will sustain me for any 4-day adventure. (Just tell me when and where).


Based in Chicago.

Willing to travel/relocate anywhere.


Today, tomorrow, early next week.

Lets figure out the scope of the project,
and then we'll know how to appropriately plan for a successful endeavor.


It's what I do, I'm a believer in the good fight. In keeping it simple, and knowing that simple is never easy. I'm creative, curious, empathetic, rigorous, dependable, and adaptable. I believe in quick thinking and taking action, and always trying to get it right the first time.


Well, you'll have to send me a message,
 I'm good, but not clairvoyant. I'm available via email, text message, or even a good old fashioned phone call.



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